Written by Colin on 6/17/2008

so the internet and cable tv in my house has been acting up for a while apparently. of course, i kinda need both over the summer so i got to call tech support to remedy the issue. of course, who doesn't love thirty minute conversations with automated systems that require you to yell "yes," "no," and "continue" every twenty seconds. i called about the lack of higher-channel digital tv (HBO, MAX, Starz, etc.) and proceeded with the automated system's prompts to unplug stuff, check cables, wait, blah blah blah. it failed. i was then connected to a person who basically did the same thing and then told me to wait an hour to see if the "signal" reached the cable box to reset stuff. i waited two hours. checked again. nothing. wonderful.

i called charter again this time about the sporadic internet service our house has been having for who knows how long. from my two-day experience with it, it seems that it turns on and off every ten minutes (ish) and cannot even connect with certain webpages. so unless charter has installed the most destructive filter system this side of china, my connection is 'teh shits.' so i get to walk through an automated system again telling me to unplug my modem, plug it in, unplug my router, plug it in, try this site (works), try another site (doesn't work), etc. Again it fails and I get connected to a human. Who speaks spanish. I tell them I need an english support person and get transferred (for some reason the dial tones when they transfer you is really loud on your end). so i get connected to the english support and tell them my phone number, address, name, and problem. randomly the guy asks for the last four digits of social security number, which of course i don't know because it's in my dad's name, and then promptly hangs up on me. i just wasted nearly thirty minutes of my time doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! i didn't get to make an appointment for someone to maybe come to my house in a hugely inconvenient period of time. no, i didn't get anything fixed. so here i sit typing this blog as blogger "fails to connect to server" when it's autosaving this draft. i don't understand why we let companies like charter walk all over us in terms of quality of service. their shitty internet service bundled with their mediocre digital tv selection costs a lot of money, and it doesn't EVEN WORK.

i hate you Charter Communications.


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