Written by Colin on 6/29/2008

the euro 2008 final today was kinda disappointing. germany didn't really play as well as i hoped they would. spain absolutely deserved that win after germany's abysmal performance. congrats to both teams and especially spain's Torres for his amazing goal.

i had my first bbq since i came back from seattle. it was good. as always. service was a little worse than it normally is, but it didn't really matter.

i played a lot of chrono trigger today. im not sure why im playing that game again, but it's definitely one of the best games ive ever played. it's ridiculously epic.

i spent about an hour today going through my address book and updating stuff with data from facebook. i got about halfway through my list of contacts when i started to go nuts and had to stop. pity the facebooksync app no longer is updated because facebook said it violated their terms of service. darn.


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