Written by Colin on 6/17/2008

so i attempted today to find some new shorts for myself seeing as most of mine are somewhat ruined from painting. i went to probably five different stores only to return empty handed because my clothing size seems to be non-existent. i don't understand why i can't find stores that reliably carry my size, but it's annoying as hell.

on the other side, i got my eSATA expresscard/34 today for my macbook pro for my awesome 1TB hard drive that's supposed to come in tomorrow. i loaded the software from the cd even though the entire package neglected to say anything about mac support and watched as my computer recognized it successfully! unfortunately, it ads another icon to my already cluttered menu bar, but i guess the ability to remove it with my computer on is a price i will have to pay for the gratuitous amount of storage i know have.

i spent the rest of the day at my girlfriend's house. i got to have my first arby's and first milos sweet tea since coming back there, which was awesome.


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