Written by Colin on 6/15/2008

so i'm back in homewood, alabama for the summer. and it's definitely already summer here unlike in seattle where it's still deciding if it wants to stop being winter(y). it's weird hearing people with accents again because seattle (and the northwest) doesn't really have one in general, which is cool, but i'm sure annoys linguists.

i got my bags today too because delta felt they didn't need to actually put them on the plane i was on last night. when i went to the baggage claim counter after waiting for my bags and not seeing them they already had my information down and just confirmed my address. the way i see it, that means they purposefully left my bags behind and that is complete bs. i already had to pay extra for an overweight bag and a second bag (what am i supposed to do when im moving home across the country?) and then they feel like not giving them to me immediately. delta has really become quite annoying this year for me.

i started unpacking and realized i brought way to many clothes, most of which i never wore. i put my posters up in my room and realized im running out of wall space. maybe ill invade the ceiling next...

weather in seattle - 68/sunny
weather in birmingham - 87/sunny

basically the same thing, give or take twenty degress and a couple magnitudes of humidity. wewt.


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