Written by Colin on 7/28/2008

i went to the dentist today. uneventful as usual. i've gone to the same dentist since i was a child and i have yet to have a cavity. i guess i'm either lucky or just take care of myself better than others. i also apparently have dental insurance again so instead of paying a $100 i paid $10. i wonder how people without insurance can afford things like that. oh wait, they can't. so they suffer from problems simply because they don't have the monetary capability to treat or prevent it. sounds unfair doesn't it? that's because it is. the United States of America is the ONLY wealthy, industrialized nation that doesn't ensure all its citizens have health insurance. so either everyone else is doing it wrong (and apparently not suffering the alleged side effects of universal health care) or we're just being stupid. again. we call ourselves the leader of the free world yet we cannot help our own citizens. and don't give me the "it's not in the constitution" and "it's not the government's role to provide healthcare" crap. we are ensured rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and our government, through our power, has the obligation to protect those rights to their fullest extent. the poor have become stuck in a vicious cycle from which they cannot escape, a cycle of bad jobs, poor education, and sickness that goes untreated because they cannot afford to treat or prevent it. the american government has proven useless to fighting this plight as the poverty levels of the US top those for industrialized nations. a national healthcare plan would be expensive and will have problems of its own, but the government has the duty of making sure that these people have the ability to live their lives with those "certain unalienable rights." and if that means paying for medical care for every single american, then that is something our government should do.

i have a headache


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