Written by Colin on 7/16/2008

Bungie, the makers of the Halo franchise, was royally screwed by their "publisher" yesterday on the eve of their major announcement. Instead of releasing (more than likely) their next game to the world, Microsoft (their publisher) decided to scrap the entire ordeal (for some unknown reason) and delay the project indefinitely. whatever the reason was, microsoft destroyed their entire E3 rep as well as the respect of a massive number of gamers for delaying a game from a company so respected as bungie. way to go microsuck. you fail again.

Apparently Microsoft decided to cancel the E3 announcement because of how crappy Sony and Nintendo's E3 announcements were. Microsoft already drew a huge response with the redesigned dashboard interface and the shift in strategy for their games and though it would be overkill to release another Halo game. On that note, it has been confirmed by Xbox employees that Bungie was working on a new halo-themed game. There is still no official announcement date and whether the release of the game will be delayed because of this. Way to go microsoft.


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