Written by Colin on 7/03/2008
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i finally got a job! im working for my girlfriend's parents law firm doing random, mostly clerical, stuff around the office. so i think im working five days a week for four hours a day (20hrs/week) from 9am-1pm. not to early and definitely not too long. :)

plus my girlfriend will be there a lot :)

warped tour is this wednesday in atlanta and it looks like the weather is going to be about the same as it was last year. maybe a bit cooler. which will be awesome. my current band list looks something like this: against me!, alesana, anberlin, the dillinger escape plan, maylene and the sons of disaster, motion city soundtrack, norma jean, and say anything. i hope ill be able to see most of them. last year involved a lot of running around to get to different stages.

i also bought my wild sweet orange tickets for the cd release party at workplay on july 26th. that'll be fun to go to. wild sweet orange really deserves the attention they're getting.


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