Written by Colin on 7/17/2008
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So there is a skatepark in a local park in my hometown (Homewood, AL) that has been around for a good 5 years. Of course, people were hesitant about putting it in because the "skater crowd" is apparently not the most loved group of people in the world. But the city park board decided it would get the skaters out of parking lots and business areas and stuff. Over the years, there have been numerous attempts to remove the park because of injury liability issues, problems with people in the skatepark itself, and so on. Nothing was ever done. But finally, yesterday workers came out and started dismantling the park. The board voted to remove the installation because of increased illicit activity in the park at night. Somehow, they came to the conclusion that any drugs and illegal activities are directly related to skateboarding. There was even a fight with a police officer one night after the park closes (at 10:00pm). In my experience and from what I've seen, the reason the park has such things going on at night is because of our police force does not adequately patrol, nor even seem to care, about fulfilling their duties around the park. The problem could have been easily fixed by stepping up night watches to discourage such activities in the park. There is no reason to punish the entire community by removing a perfectly decent skatepark during the day. I can't count the number of times I've driven past the park during the day and seen massive groups of people skating from pretty much every age group. Now instead, there is just an empty concrete pad. I'm going to go ahead and say that in the next few weeks people are going to start getting in trouble for skating in business areas (etc.) from which they are banned because the skate park is gone. It's not the skaters (as a whole) that are the problem, it's a combination of a select few that have ruined it for everyone and the lack of proper enforcement of the area. When people start complaining about skaters in the parking lot, you only have yourselves to plan.


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