Written by Colin on 7/12/2008

i get to go white-water rafting on the Ocoee River tomorrow with what remains of my venture crew. we're doing the whole river (both upper and middle) rather than just the middle half we've done in the past. it should be awesome since the upper part is straight Class III-IV rapids and was used in the 1996 Olympics for kayaking.

unfortunately, this is also the weekend for MLG Orlando, which i wash hoping to watch. i got to see the pregame shows last night and i was pretty impressed by the announcer's (puckett) eagerness. some of the people they interviewed weren't too bright, but it was interesting. too bad i won't get to see any actual commentated gameplay since the halo 3 VOD has been limited to only a night broadcast today (saturday) and 3:00pm on sunday. oh well, maybe ill watch the follow-up broadcasts.


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