Written by Colin on 8/24/2008
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When I pulled up after driving home from Kara's house at about midnight tonight I was listening to Brand New (The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me) and was about halfway done with Limousine, the fifth track of the CD. For some reason I decided to finish the song while sitting in the car and I'm glad I did. As the song slowly builds up towards the end, it was almost a soundtrack to the blowing trees and rain that I could see from inside the car. I wish I had a camera even though there was no way I could really capture what I was seeing/hearing. I felt as though a tree would come crashing down at the very climax of the song. Of course, that (un)fortunately didn't happen.

Sitting in a car in the rain at night is really amazing.

I turned the car off, got out, and ran for the door.


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