Written by Colin on 8/19/2008

After reading a Mac magazine last month I learned that you can enable RAW photography on many Canon cameras that do not natively have the ability through a 3rd party firmware called CHDK. Implemented by placing a firmware file into the memory card (which requires a card reader on a Mac), it lets you access a plethora of camera options not normally available through the generic user interface. Not only does it let you save the RAW image in addition to the compressed, lossy JPG image, it lets you have full control over ISO, aperture, shutter speed, bracketing setup, screen layout (lets you add a bunch of info to screen, like battery status), and tons more stuff. It even has little games to play, cause that's what you absolutely need on your digital camera. The RAW photo shooting ability alone makes this a worthwhile endeavor (if you call a 5 minute process an endeavor) and hopefully will lead to some awesome HDR photos in the future. I don't really plan on using it for generic photos unless A) the picture needs the additional editing possibilities allowed by RAW format or B) I'm taking a bracketed picture that will be used in an HDR composition. Now I just need something to take pictures of...


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