Written by Colin on 8/02/2008
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The CDC released reports today about HIV rates in the United States and they revealed that they had mis-predicted the actual value of new infection by 40%. That's right. Forty percent. Over 56,000 Americans each year contract the disease, a disease whose transmission is easily prevented. But once again, the American health education system has failed to teach what is necessary and proven to work in other countries. And the CDC has apparently grossly underestimated that actual cost. This brings back the reports from several weeks ago that revealed that HIV rates amongst African Americans rivaled that of African nations. If mis-predicting by 40% is a failure, then our efforts to prevent the disease has been an epic failure by all means. And, what a surprise, The United States is once again bringing up the rear of industrialized nations on yet another matter. We really need to turn things around for our own sake.


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