Written by Colin on 8/15/2008

so my internet and cable tv both went out today at exactly the same time. and short of a tree falling on my cable line again, there wasn't really much of an explanation. i waited a bit and nothing improved so i called charter. i think i confused the automated system so i got swapped to a real person after being on the phone for only 5 minutes. he said they were performing upgrade maitenence in my area and it should be on in about an hour. he also said that we would be recieving an upgrade to a 10MBps connection at no extra charge (some kinda overall upgrade for the entire system or something). As soon as he said that i didn't care if i lost internet for the entire day because the next time it turned on it would be twice as fast. And indeed it is performing as shown below in the speedtest.net results. i still wish the upstream was better...but it too is twice as fast (which is really annoying when uploading to youtube and other sites).


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