Written by Colin on 8/16/2008
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I ran across this today after reading a similar article on Engadget about enhancing still scenes of video with high resolution photographs. This video showcases a UW project that makes the creation of video mattes much more simple than the work heavy rotoscoping process used in the professional industry. the major application would be to bring that level of editing to the consumer field where even amateurs could have massively customized scenes. the video, embedded below, explains the technique that basically turns a video into a 3D object where each frame of video is layered to form a 3d object of spacetime. two dimensions are formed by the frame itself and the third is represented by time. the user then merely has to trace out the specific object that they want throughout the video, much like in the extract feature in photoshop but in 3D, and then refine edges as needed throughout the spacetime system. not only is that extremely simple, the video leads you to believe it is also extremely fast in producing the output video of the matted object which can then easily be overlayed onto pretty much anything. i can't even imagine how awesome this would be to have for doing any type of fun video project where spending time rotoscoping isn't possible. UW is freaking awesome.

Interactive Video Cutout from pro on Vimeo.


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