Written by Colin on 8/27/2008
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I spent the entire day, well, most of the day, painting a single room in my house.

After giving up on making me paint my room, which would be a nightmare to clean up and to paint, my dad give me the task of painting the laundry room. It's about 8 feet wide and maybe 15 long but it took absolutely forever to clean out. We have way too much crap on the stupid shelving that I had to take down and a washing machine whose hoses were impossible to detach, meaning I had to work around them. I'd say it took a good two to three hours to simply get ready to paint the damn thing. I then spent an hour painting the trim so that I could tape it up to paint the walls. I realized at about 12:30 I hadn't eaten anything yet the entire day, which was probably contributing to the extreme boredom/frustration I was feeling at the time.

Painting the walls seemed to take a lot less time, but in reality still took another two hours. I almost dropped the roller tray when I was moving the ladder over the washing machine's hoses and then proceeded to slosh paint all over the dryer. I guess the lucky thing about it being a laundry room is that it's basically built for cleaning (in this case being cleaned). I finished the entire paint/cleaning up paint process around 5:00 and then started to reassemble the shelving which I might have damaged a bit during the removal process :)

After some modifications to the attachment points on the wall, I had the shelves up and all the stuff back in the room in about 10 minutes with a reasonably similar organization to how it originally was. I've sat around since then feeling unaccomplished for actually doing something rather than sitting around doing nothing on the computer all day. I don't understand myself sometimes...


"go to work, send your kids to school
follow fashion, act normal
walk on the pavements, watch T.V.
save for your old age, obey the law
Repeat after me: I am free"

are you free?


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