Written by Colin on 8/20/2008
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In exactly one month I will have been back in Seattle for a full day. I feel like I haven't done anything this summer aside from occasional work, playing videogames, intending to play poker but instead playing videogames, hanging out with my wonderful girlfriend, or mowing the lawn. I feel strangely unaccomplished for some reason. I feel like I should have taken the initiative to learn stuff for school or get a lab job (which I wanted to but couldn't find anything) or something. I guess I did formally get accepted into the Bioengineering program at UW, but that's about all I accomplished. I have painted one room thus far of the two, maybe three, that I'm supposed to paint. I haven't even washed the dishes yet today. I've probably consumed dreadfully unhealthy quantities of Bagel Bites, chicken nuggets, and French Bread Pizza thingies. I've drank gallons of soda and sweet tea (both homemade and Milos). I finally bought Bose around-ear (passive) headphones and am on the verge of buying a camera for myself. I'm looking forward to Spore and the massive amount of time I'll put towards that instead of school and getting ready for school...The list goes on yet I still feel like I've done nothing. Again.


Meghan said...

yay milo's!

Kara said...

i second meghan's comment.

and i want to add that you left out magic the gathering. ;)

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