Written by Colin on 8/07/2008

I watched the Saddle Creek documentary entitled "Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek" last night and it was pretty interesting. It's crazy how all these great bands grew up within blocks of each other and how Saddle Creek Records essentially came out of an entrepreneur class project. The film tells the story of how all these bands Cursive, Bright Eyes, Lullaby, The Faint, etc. grew up listening and jamming with each other in Omaha, NE and eventually came together to form a community through Saddle Creek. There are tons of people interviewed from all the Saddle Creek bands (circa 2005) and features the following bands: Azure Ray, Bright Eyes, Cursive, Desaparecidos, The Faint, The Good Life, Mayday, Now It's Overhead, Rilo Kiley, Son, Ambulance, Sorry About Dresden. You even get to see tons of camera footage of nerdy-looking teenager, glasses-wearing Conor Oberst in Commander Venus. It's amazing how talented he is as a musician and how diverse he can be with his sound. This is definitely a film for people who appreciate the Saddle Creek sound and the artists they have propelled forward and is well worth the watch.


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