Written by Colin on 9/14/2008
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So the obvious change is the design of my blog. I got tired of the simple layout that I had and annoyed that I couldn't find a better background pattern. So I completely changed everything around using some sweet themes I found on GosuBlogger.com. As I am rarely (never) satisfied with themes others have made, I started ripping it apart and changing the color scheme more to my liking and fixing various layout issues, etc. Of course, right as I was starting to work, the Internet went out in my house (thanks Charter) so I gave up and watched a movie. I started manipulating the images on the template and modifying them more to my desire and then finally started working on the code. So here we are. I'm having trouble getting days with multiple posts to align correctly which is why there are some posts that are differently aligned than others. I could prevent that by never posting twice on the same day, but given my unusual posting times, that could be difficult. I still don't particularly like the current header image, but I got tired of trying stuff and just threw that on. If you have any suggestions/recommendations to improve this design, please tell me about it. And if you have any ideas for a better header, definitely tell me cause I hate how it looks right now.


Meghan said...

i like it. i feel like there are too many different fonts for one page, though.

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