Written by Colin on 9/24/2008
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I have way too many classes this quarter. Maybe. I guess we'll find out for sure once it actually gets started. Eighteen credit hours over 22 hours of class time a week could very well be not very good for me. The honors Physics 121 class has a ridiculous amount of work (or least it seems that way) and seems like even more work than the honors chemistry class I took last year. The class-pretests and tutorial-pretests are going to get really annoying, especially if they don't get them working any better than they are now (which they aren't). I know I'm capable of handling the workload, but I can't do it if things don't happen the way I need it to. So hopefully it will.

Or I will explode.

And drop a class. Which would probably have to be Math, which is unfortunate because it's not that hard.


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