Written by Colin on 9/01/2008

Humans have existed on the Earth for around 200,000 years and the recording of history has taken place since 4000 BC with the invention of writing. For the first time in recorded human history, and possibly even human history, the Arctic has become an island of ice. According to satellite imagery taken last week, the North Pole can now be circumnavigated in its entirety from the water. Why has this happened? Global Warming. Man-made, man-influenced, man-catalyzed global warming.

Experts believe that the north-west and north-east passages have been opened by the melting ice of the polar ice cap for the first time since the beginning of the last Ice Age over 125,000 years ago. The current rate of change "is clearly faster than nearly all the models predict, which has huge implications for climate change and how to tackle it." Scientists believe that the snowballing effect is the cause of the accelerated melting with the ice, which reflects sunlight back up into space being replaced with water, which absorbs the energy and spurs the warming process.

What does this mean? It means humanity is destroying our planet and its environments. We are driving species to extinction in record numbers and ignoring the possibilities to resolve the situation. The United States, as the self-proclaimed "leader of the free world" has failed to do its part in reducing its emissions and devising new means of producing energy. Our administration has ignored the issue, altered official reports, and continued to throw massive quantities of money into the derelict fossil fuel industry. We need to change our infrastructure now and drastically if we hope to forestall the impending climate crisis.



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