Written by Colin on 9/09/2008

If you've downloaded the new iTunes 8 and checked out the new "iTunes Visualizer" then you are seeing a truly amazing piece of technology. That amazing plugin is the result of the final development of the Magnetosphere plugin released back in 2007 as an early iTunes plugin visualizer. The bundle has been hard to find in the past few months after the developers pulled their downloads citing further development. I always kept an eye out for news about it since I used it all the time especially when studying for exams at school. There's something strangely calming about that visualizer unlike the original iTunes visualizer (branded Classic Visualizer) or G-Force from Soundspectrum. Magnetosphere truly deserves the honor of being the new iTunes visualizer even though it sadly no longer goes by that name. Apple really made a wonderful choice for the new visualizer.

If you truly want to see it in action, listen to some Sigur Ros and turn the thing on. It's amazing.

I decided to record a demo of the visualizer just for the heck of it. So click on the image below (it will open in a new window) to watch the new iTunes visualizer in action. The song is called "Vaka" by Sigur Ros and is from their live album Hvarf-Heim.


katharine said...

i can kiss my hobbies goodbye now, seeing as how this will probably consume a great amount of my time.

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