Written by Colin on 9/17/2008

So I just added a recently played image at the top of my blog as you can probably (hopefully) see. I used to use a free service called 'ScrobblerSig' from Denness Networks but following the newest Last.FM site update, the signature no longer functions correctly. My guess is it uses a data source that no longer exists/used by the Last.FM system so the image only generates the last played song prior to the update. I had found and modified some PHP code that got the recently played track list from Last.FM (see mine) and posted it as an unordered list onto my UW student page so all I had to do was tweak it a bit more. The PHP file basically gets the recent track list, caches it, and then grabs the first line of text. It separates the date from the track/artist info and then puts them into a PHP-generated .GIF image. I can style the image as I want via some predefined variables I setup for various sites I use. I'm trying to get it to work on MySpace which apparently does not accept PHP-generated images.

That's what I'm doing on my next-to-last day in Alabama.


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