Written by Colin on 9/14/2008

I started to figure out what I'm shipping up to Seattle ahead of time today. I have a 18" x 15.5" x 11" box that probably won't be large enough. I have an as-of-yet undetermined quantity of clothes, personal effects, electronics, cds, and books to transport 2,648 miles across the country. I have a single 50 lb. bag as limited by Delta Airlines to check onto a plane and a backpack that will be carrying my laptop, my Xbox 360 console, my new camera, and several other things. So tomorrow's task will be to estimate my accurately the actual weight of my stuff and the most efficient manner with which to pack and transport it said distance for the least amount of money.

To sum that all up, I need to find the best way to cram all my crap into a 50lb bag and a box to ship to Seattle for school.

And remember, when there is a hurricane coming, this is the best way to protect/ensure-survival-of your car:

lawl car tied to tree

And this is completely true:

lawl community organizer


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