Written by Colin on 11/25/2008
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This winter quarter UW will join several other schools in participating in the Humans vs Zombies game (Wiki). What it basically is a campus-wide, outdoor-only, tag game of epic proportions. There are two teams (obviously) comprised of humans and zombies. The goal of the humans is to outlive the zombies and the zombies to infect all the humans. The two teams are differentiated by bandannas worn on the arm (humans) or head/neck (zombies) and the "weapons" the humans have to fight back against the zombies with. While the zombies cannot be killed, they can be stunned either by being hit with a sock or shot with a Nerf gun dart, after which they have to wait 15 minutes before rejoining gameplay. The people organizing it on campus have gotten everything approved by the UWPD and the Residence Halls now allow the possession of Nerf guns (woot). There are a bunch of technical rules and whatnot but the main area of competition is anywhere/anytime outside. The inside of buildings is considered to be a safe zone for humans (and to prevent people from running through hallways).

This is basically going to be the coolest thing ever. So watch out for us this winter quarter cause we're going to be running to class.



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