Written by Colin on 11/13/2008

Tomorrow (Thursday) is going to be a ridiculously busy day. And by ridiculous, I mean ridiculously ridiculous. School is pretty much business as usual (Physics Tutorial, CSE Quiz Section, Biology Lab) but it's going to be the midnight screening of the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace that throws a wrench into my 6AM winter quarter registration plans on Friday. That and my Math 308 (matrix/linear algebra) midterm at 10:30 that morning. I didn't do a single thing to get ready for that today even though I had full intentions of at least doing some practice problems, but once again was distracted by the video-games in the other room. Instead I get to do all that studying/note-sheet-making/reviewing tomorrow amongst my classes and whatnot.

Tomorrow is also the 2nd annual "To Write Love on Her Arms" day that the TWLOHA organization has started. I missed it last year (more like forgot about it) but I'm good to go for this year. They've been a pretty successful organization and they have a good cause.

There's a Minus the Bear concert next Saturday that I'm pondering about attending. I can't make up my mind whether it's worth the $25 it cost for tickets (+ ticketmaster rape fee). I saw them last year at the UW but they're one of the bands I said I would definitely try to see live this year sometime...Just can't decide.

Oh well, I figure it out...until then...Cupcake-o-saurus!


Meghan said...

that dinosaur is so cute!

Colin said...

you can get one on a tshirt for $10


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