Written by Colin on 12/31/2008
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That is approximately how much time I have caused to be wasted watching machinima through my affiliations with Treeskunk Productions. I updated the total viewing counts of our videos today and decided to figure out how much time people have spent since late 2006 watching them. I must admit I am relatively stunned that so time has been spent watching a tiny studio's productions. I can't even begin to imagine how much time has been wasted watching Red vs. Blue episodes or wasted on YouTube in general. It's even more ridiculous to think about how much productivity is lost because of these Internet video sites and what the potential output could be if that energy were directed elsewhere (e.g. saving the world from global financial crisis/global warming/World War III/Aliens/Meteors/Crappy Music).

So there you have it. Not only do I waste a vast majority of my time, but I have caused another 11 years of time to be wasted watching videogame videos. There's my only contribution to society thus far.



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