Written by Colin on 1/22/2009
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The Jenny Lewis concert at the UW's Meany Hall last night was excellent. So was sitting on the second row away from the stage. Apparently it's her first time to do a "solo" show even though Johnathan Rice played with her on about half of the songs. Unfortunately the place has a no-photo, no-video policy but I think the staff gave up once they realized half the audience was taking pictures. There wasn't any special about the show and it was nice/interesting to hear the songs without a band. I managed to record one song, "It's a Hit," from an older Rilo Kiley album but realized about halfway through I was holding the camera sideways so the resulting video is taller than it is wide (lol). Check it out below, sorry for the poor video quality but the audio is all that really matters right?

Jenny Lewis


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