Written by Colin on 1/16/2009

Dark Signals sounds like it's gonna be an excellent EP (should really be an album considering how long it's been) from Sleepy Eyes of Death. Possibly one of the best live shows ever simply because of the intensity and the effectiveness of the lights + smoke show. Too bad the CD release tomorrow night is 21+ (stupid Washington state laws about bars and underage people). I haven't decided if I'm going to buy it digitally or wait until I can get over to Sonic Boom to pick it up. Tough choices...

Reviews for the upcoming EP Dark Signals:

The Stranger

"...the EP's six songs are largely instrumental, layering precisely arpeggiating analog keyboards, sweeping synth pads, vocoded vocals, alternately blurry washes and sharp stabs of guitar, and both programmed beats and pounding live drums. The songs range from the aggressive autobahn night-drive of "Shattered Limbs" to the suspenseful stalking of "Pierce the Air" to the breathtaking final liftoff of "Crushed by Stars." It all sounds rather like an M83 record with just the vocal pop songs sucked out."

Seattle Weekly
"Watching the four-piece (five, if you include "Industrial Light and Magic" charge and erstwhile Scarecrow Video employee Brandon Lanich) methodically build layers of chilly synth and celestial samples over thick drums (both organic and manmade) while impaling themselves occasionally on shards of Gibson and Fender guitars is essentially like watching a team of scientists build a futuristic Frankenstein before your eyes. Should Seattle music fans ever find themselves lamenting the lack of Mogwai or My Bloody Valentine–flavored bands in the landscape, they clearly haven't been to a Sleepy Eyes of Death show."

Sound Magazine
"...navigating between pulsing, looming lows and majestic, chaotic highs, drawing on the epic sensibilities of Sigur Ros and sonic fury of Kinski."


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