Written by Colin on 1/12/2009
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1. I really think that scheduling a class to fill an entire lecture hall is a terrible idea. Why? Just because a room has 345 seats, that doesn't mean that 344 people will fit in the room at all, more or less comfortably. But that's the case with my Biology (BIOL 200) class this quarter. And it's quite frustrating and I can't even imagine what exams will be like in there once that time comes. What exactly is preventing us from using the same massive lecture hall we had for the previous iteration of the class (BIOL 180)? Whatever it is, it's probably stupid.

2. Stupid people on buses that decide to think people who are talking on the phone are actually insulting them and then proceed to cause a ruckus and result in people leaving the bus as the driver calls police(mb?).

3. Slow internet speeds at school. I know my internet should be going at 10 MBps up and down in my dorm room. So who/what is preventing that? Stupid pirates.

4. I don't understand why people sometimes feel the need to lie about everything

5. Microsoft. Why does every window in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel feel the need to get mixed up across my Spaces windows on my Mac and then cause a disastrous recovery attempt that requires the closing of all but the main window with typically negligible effects? It's been a year and you still haven't fixed that crap. Internet Explorer. Please for the love of everything start making it support Internet standards. Microsoft Points? 80 points = 1 dollar. What is up with that conversion?

6. Sleep. I really dislike sleeping cause I feel like I'm wasting time that I could spend doing something productive. I've probably said this before but seeing as we spend like 1/3 of our lives asleep, imagine what we could do with that time?

7. Ignorance. People who attack someone's beliefs because they contradict their own disgust me. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts/ideas/beliefs so long as they do not interfere with those of others. It's that simple.

I can't think of anything else cause I'm tired. But in other news, a research team has recently synthesized a RNA enzyme that can self-replicate itself indefinitely (limited by available resources). Looks like the good old chemical evolution theory is looking even better. yay.


Ains said...

Ha. You do find Daniel's constant lying frustrating. I'm not the only one.

Meghan said...

i agree pretty strongly with seven and four.

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