Written by Colin on 2/06/2009
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So it's been a month since I've been back in Seattle (technically a month plus one day). Last quarter I had a random idea that basically involved keeping track of everywhere I walked so that I could see exactly how much walking I did up here. So a little spreadsheet data entry and the amazing UW Route Finder have resulted in me having a full month's worth of data. And although it's a little surprising, I'm not entirely mystified by the results.

I basically have a data entry for every day of the month that contains the approximate distance I walked that day and the approximate time I spent walking. For the times I walked off campus, I used Google Map's walking directions to estimate the distances (there aren't that many). So one month later, here are the results...

Total Distance Walked: 83.85 miles
Total Time Spent Walking: 26.6 hours
Average Distance Per Day: 2.54 miles

Graph of Daily Distances
Click for Full-Sized Graph

So clearly I walk a lot up here. The single day with the most walking was January 17 when I walked 5.53 miles, mostly exploring downtown Seattle with Kara. There were only two days out of the entire month that I didn't go outside (January 25 and February 1st) and they were both Sundays. Something about doing a lot of homework that day seems to have a bad effect on my outdoor appearances...

Oh and my average walking speed is about 3.1 miles per hour, which seems a bit high but I tend to walk rather briskly.

And the ridiculous distance I walk each day is because all of my classes are on the complete other side of campus.


I guess it's healthy for me and good for the environment (even though there isn't really any way I could drive to class), so whatever.


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