Written by Colin on 5/16/2009

I restarted the "repair my Xbox 360" endeavor last Sunday when I decided to resubmit a repair request for my broken game console. Rather than request a box be sent to me for shipping and having my dorm address, I swapped to the E-Label printing and home address. I received the E-Label on Monday, printed it out on Tuesday, and had my Xbox completely packed for shipping on Wednesday. Of course, it was raining that afternoon so I decided to take it the next day (or whenever the rain stopped). So Thursday I dropped it off at the UPS store 0.4 miles away that I had not previously known about. As of 9:30 PM PST on Saturday, May 16th, the console is somewhere between Hermiston, Oregon and Dallas, Texas. It's final destination is the Xbox Repair Center in Mesquite, TX.

Hopefully the cost of the repairs will not exceed the base quote of $99 or I will have to weight the merits of getting it repaired or simply buying a new console. At this point, I'm kinda hoping for either a quick or slow turnaround. Why? Because there won't be anyone at my home address after May 25th for like 2 weeks. The Xbox site says the turnaround is usually about 2-3 weeks, so my Xbox may find itself delivered to a house with no one there. That means it will either be sitting on my front porch for at least a week, or the UPS people will be unable to deliver it, requiring a pickup or some kind of return-to-sender fiasco. That would just be wonderful and not entirely unexpected seeing as how this entire process has been so far.

Sadly I will not have Rock Band 2 over the summer as it is way too much trouble to move the instruments cross-country. As a bonus, I don't have to drag my Xbox around when I'm traveling home in June.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the actual address and/or phone of the repair center in Mesquite?

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